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Óg Ireland Natural Peat Skincare Treatments

Halo Beauty Haven is now stocking and providing treatments using Óg Ireland's original peat skincare range!  Natural peat has been used for generations in cosmetics and skincare.  Óg Ireland has harnessed the rejuvenating, preserving and moisturising properties of natural peat and has created a skincare range that is second to none!

Halo Beauty Haven - Óg Ireland Treatment Prices
Treatment Price
Óg Ireland Detoxing Lemon & Lime Wrap (Coming Soon)
50 mins - a body brush prepares the skin for the peat with lemon & lime. the body is then wrapped to encourage the natural process of removing toxins. this treatment is ideal to use in conjunction with a diet or exercise regime.
Óg Ireland Citrus Lemon & Lime Body Scrub & Wrap (Coming Soon) €75
80 mins - a combination of an exhilarating body scrub and peat with lemon & lime wrap, this no nonsense treatment will have you feeling uplifted and detoxed.
Óg Ireland Exhilarating Peat and Lemon Scrub (Coming Soon)
30 mins - using a blend of peat and lemon to help detox the body, this scrub removes dead skin and will leave you feeling refreshed. an ideal pick me up or preparation for the sun.
Óg Ireland Luxurious Rose & Peat Body Wrap (Coming Soon) €55
50 mins - this is the ultimate pampering experience. y our body is wrapped in a peat and rose oil body mask to sooth your skin, leaving you feeling calmed and nourished.
Óg Ireland Relaxing Back Massage
30 mins - this therapeutic massage combines Swedish massage techniques and oils chosen from the ÓG selection. this treatment promotes relaxation and a feeling of well being.
Óg Ireland Muscle Release Body Massage €65
60 mins - an all over therapeutic massage consisting of Swedish massage techniques and oils chosen from the ÓG selection to release tension and aid relaxation.
Óg Ireland Peat and Lavender Back Revitalise (Coming Soon)
40 mins - a gentle back and neck treatment, using the peat and lavender mask to sooth away the stress and strain of the day. Relax and enjoy.
Óg Ireland Taster Facial €35
35 mins - using only the finest ingredients with 100% peat mask and peat extract products, this prescriptive facial will leave your skin glowing and fresh.
Óg Ireland Beauty Essence Peat Facial
50 mins - an almond shell exfoliator is used to remove dry and dehydrated skin, this prepares the face for the luxurious 100% peat mask. this is followed by a facial massage and the final touch of a rich moisturiser with peat extract.
Óg Ireland anti-age Peat Facial €60
60 mins - Highly recommended for the treatment of lines and wrinkles, this facial uses an exfoliator with peat extract to polish the skin, followed by 100% pure peat mask. Finally a deep tissue facial massage stimulates circulation and prepares the skin for the anti-aging moisturiser.
Óg Ireland Heavenly Peat Facial
60 mins - this luxurious facial incorporates a neck and head massage. the peat penetrates the skin to leave you feeling relaxed and cared for.
Óg Ireland Hot Stone Back Massage (Coming Soon) €40
30 mins - the back and neck are often the first areas to feel the stress and strain of the day. the use of hot stones helps you feel warm and relaxed.
Óg Ireland Hot Stone Body Therapy (Coming Soon)
60 mins - this is a full body hot stone massage. Relax as the warm stones are used to ease the discomfort of tired and aching muscles.
Óg Ireland Eucalyptus & Peat Foot Treatment €35
30 mins - this luxurious foot treatment is an introduction to the way your feet deserve to be treated. an exfoliator helps remove dead skin and relieves and pampers your tired feet.
Óg Ireland Food for the Sole
50 mins - Feel the coolness of the peppermint moisturiser as it soaks into the skin to revive those tired, hard working feet, leaving them feeling smooth and nourished.
Óg Ireland Ultimate Foot Treatment €60
75 mins - Have your feet soaked and exfoliated in the foot spa, then a deep nourishing mask is applied to the feet and lower legs. a combination of reflexology and massage eases tension. Finally your feet are moisturised with a refreshing peat and lemon extract cream.
Óg Ireland Mother Earth Body Massage Treatment
60 mins - using products chosen with care, this mother to be experience promotes peace and tranquility. (Not suitable in the first trimester)
Óg Ireland Body and Sole Treatment €70
75 mins - the ultimate in luxury. this total body massage is complemented by a foot treatment for ultimate relaxation. (Not suitable in the first trimester)
Óg Ireland Nourishing Mother-To-Be Facial
50 mins - this deep cleansing facial, combined with the 100% Peat Mask will leave the skin radiant and glowing. the facial massage uses oil specially blended for the mother-to-be. a cooling peppermint foot massage is included.